Sebastian Church – Windows

Recent studies have shown that approximately 25% of the exterior of most British homes are made up of window frames and glass. With windows making up that high of a percentage, it’s obvious that choosing the right style, design, and company to install them is extremely important. Sebastian Church Builders realizes the gravity of the role that windows play in the exterior aesthetics of your house. They will help you choose the right type of windows for you and your home, and make sure they are professionally installed to last for decades.

There are many types of windows in our inventory to choose from. They are all top quality and will make your home more attractive, secure, and energy efficient. Some of the more popular windows we install include:

Bay Windows – Bay windows are defined as windows that stick out, or extrude, from the side of a structure or building. They form a recess on the interior wall, sometimes leaving a space for a platform to be installed. The uses of the platform can vary for different purposes. Bay windows are usually three windows attached together to form a rectangular shape.

Sash Windows – This type of window is made of a simple frame that is built to allow easy insertion into casements. Inside the frame, glass is put in and sealed into place. The glass can be made of several small panes that are connected by a framework and joined to the bigger frame of the sash.

Bow Windows – These are basically curved bay windows. They are designed to create space and give the people inside a better and wider view of the street or garden just outside. Bow windows are usually made up of four or more casement windows.

Casement Windows – Casement windows are joined to their frames by one or more hinges and are hinged at the side. Windows with a hinge on the top are called awnings, while ones hinged at the bottom are called hoppers.

Flush Casement Windows – When opened and closed, flush casement windows finish flush with the window face. They are highly energy efficient and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Sebastian Church Builders can provide all these types of windows and make them available in any material you desire. They can be manufactured with timber, aluminium, and uPVC plastic. The materials used to construct these windows are all CE stamped to ensure they are genuine and have passed stringent security and quality tests. The glass used can range from Georgian bar glass to leaded double or triple glazed glass depending on your desires or needs. Our windows even come with a 10 year performance guarantee and are endorsed by FENSA. Security is another issue of paramount importance which we take very seriously. Our products meet and exceed the Official Police Security Initiative standards and will keep your family and possessions safe and sound.

The construction specialists at Sebastian Church Builders are experienced, accredited, and fully licensed. From standard casement windows to huge bay windows, we will help you choose the right designs and styles for your home. All windows are fully guaranteed and we stand behind our work from start to finish.