Sebastian Church Builders Solarium Sunroom

A sunny aspect to your home might provide the perfect location for a Sebastian Church Builders bespoke solarium ; opening up the sky and providing natural light for entertaining, dining, reading the paper, or getting on with your hobbies.

The solarium is specifically designed as a modern all glass structure to maximise available light and take you outdoors without allowing inclement weather to ruin your day. Underfloor heating is advisable for continued use through the year.

Plot size permitting, the solarium makes an ideal structure away from the house, though, a lean to style against the outside wall of the home is perfectly imaginable as well. Many of the solariums designed by Sebastian Church Builders have doubled as greenhouses too, and with a sturdy frame, they make a perfect showcase for an indoor or tropical plant collection.

As befits the aesthetic design of most solariums, at Sebastian Church Builders we strive to ensure a visual tapestry that accentuates the form and lines of a glass structure. Framing is of aluminium, walls and doors of uPVC, and glass is Pilkington single, double, or triple glazed.

We recommend choosing a colour that isn’t distracting; white if the solarium is close to the house, or matched to exiting window frames, and for the solarium separated from the home, green to blend with garden shrubs.

We can also arrange planning permits if required. For more information and to speak to a Sebastian Church expert, request a callback and we’ll come to you and provide a no obligation quote.