Sebastian Church Builders – Sash Windows

Sash windows have been around since the 17th century and aren’t going anywhere soon. They are just as popular now as they were when they were fitted on most Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian homes. Even the styles and designs haven’t changed that much although there are a lot more fittings and accessories available today. Sebastian Church has an incredible selection of sash windows to choose from and will make sure you get the ones that suit your home best.

A sash window is made up of one or several movable panels called ‘sashes’. The sashes form a frame which holds the panes of glass in place. Sash windows almost always refer to windows where the glazed panels are opened by sliding them either horizontally or vertically. They are often found in time period houses and can have an incredible effect on the overall external aesthetics of your home. Modern day sash windows also have that classic look but come with the U.K.’s top accreditations concerning quality and security. They can be fitted with various types of glass including patterned, laminated, or opaque, and come with lots of new accessories to suit any home.

Sebastian Church Builders has the widest selection of sash windows and glass fittings. They are all energy efficient, secure, and also act as noise insulators. Our windows are all CE stamped and pass all ISO quality standard tests. For the ultimate in window quality and customer service, Sebastian Church Builders is the only choice.