Sebastian Church Builders Roll Fold Doors

Sebastian Church Builders has a great reputation for having the best selection of windows, doors, and glass extensions Name]. One of the most superior sliding door systems in the world is the Monorail Doors roll fold system , and we are one of the privileged few to sell and install it.

Roll fold doors open up the space between your home and terrace, garden, or balcony. They operate by gliding silently and securely on top notch quality nylon rollers. They provide great weather durability, and are perfect for areas that are exposed to high winds and severe outdoor elements. Their intelligent design, subtle contours, and cutting edge operation provides awesome thermal efficiency as well. The doors are extremely durable and have a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Roll doors can also be fitted with a protective aluminium threshold to guard against scuff marks and damage.

All homes and homeowners are different so it’s important to choose the right roll fold door for you. They come in a wide variety of sizes from small room doors to huge terrace and deck doors. The doors that consist of 2 glass panes have a span of up to 4.5 metres while 3 pane doors have a 6 metre span size. They come in a wide variety of colours which take their inspiration from the beautiful scenery that roll fold doors allow you to see. Roll fold doors also come in a range of woodgrain finishes available with foil on the inside and outside, or as foil on white. You can choose from trims in all 9 colour fields.

Roll fold doors can be designed and manufactured with any type of glass style you prefer. From frosted glass to patterned or textured glass, the choice is yours. They also come with a full range of handles and locks. Our skilled team of door specialists will help you choose the right colours and accessories to fit the style of your home and your budget. The entire system of roll fold doors is synonymous with simplicity. It is the perfect marriage of great looks and ease of functionality.

The fully licensed and accredited team at Sebastian Church Builders will install your new roll fold door system to ensure you get years of enjoyment out of it. From the design and selection of colours and accessories to the actual installation, we will be there to do the job right. For the best in quality and customer service Sebastian Church is the choice for you.