Sebastian Church Porches

If you are looking to build a porch as an addition to your home there are endless options available to ensure you make the right choice. At Sebastian Church Builders we can design and construct any style and size of porch you wish. The materials used are all top grade, and can range from timber, aluminium, uPVC plastics, and steel.

A porch is a small extension of your home that is designed and built to create an entrance to your home that is free from the outdoor elements. There are many different types of porches and they differ vastly depending on what country or area you live in. In the United Kingdom porches became very common in medieval times, especially in churches. They are still very common here and are increasingly being constructed by homeowners. Porches, sometimes called verandahs, are really an extension of your home and your tastes. They can have all kinds of unique features depending on what the owner wants.

There are two main types of porches. Open porches are built to separate the doorway entrance from the outside while still letting in air. The amount of air depends on whether there are windows or it is an open concept. Enclosed porches are just that, enclosed to separate the entrance from the elements. They usually have a lead or tiled roof or canopy depending on what the homeowner chooses. They may be enclosed by lattice work, huge glass windows, light frame walls or even window screens. All porches have have sufficient space for people to stop comfortably before they enter or exit the home or building. Most also have enough space for one or a small group of people to sit and relax while enjoying the outdoor view and weather.

Sebastian Church Builders will listen to your wishes and design the exact porch that is right for you, your home, and your budget. From the beginning of the project to the end, our team of licensed and fully accredited construction specialists will do the job right. The materials we use are all CE stamped, and have passed rigorous quality and security tests. Their durability and quality is second to none, as is our customer service. You will be able to choose from countless styles and designs, and choose the materials you want your porch to be made from. You even get to pick what type of glass you want to have, if any at all. We guarantee you will enjoy your new porch for years to come.