Peace of Mind with Sebastian Church Builders

At Sebastian Church we are steadfast believers in providing quality products and above average customer service. Our huge selection of windows, doors, and glass extensions exceed all quality standards, and our customer service is second to none.


Sebastian Church recognizes the importance of using only the very best industry accredited doors, windows, and materials. For our customers, accreditations are proof that we do not use any substandard products or knockoffs. For us, they are proof that we always provide the best available items for our customers, and reminders that only maximum quality products will do. There are several well respected and prestigious industry accreditations that our products display.

These include:

Window Energy Ratings – All our windows are rated an ‘A’ in the Windows Energy Ratings, and have an option to upgrade to ‘A+” if so desired.

BS 7413 – This accreditation is given to certain PVC windows, and is a quality management system declaration which concerns the weatherability of the product.

BS 7412 – This is a quality specification for plastic windows manufactured from PVC profiles that are hollow and extruded. It also has quality implications for the construction, security, materials, and weather fitness of the products.

Secured By Design – This accreditation is found on all our tilt and turn, dual and single rebate, and casement doors. It has to do with the window and doors physical ability to prevent crimes such as break and enters. To achieve this rating, the products must undergo stringent security tests. They have the very latest locking mechanisms, and are some of the most secure doors and windows available.

BS7950 Specification – This standard is issued by the British Board of Agrement (BBA). It is placed on casement and tilt and turn windows which show an enhanced security performance, and rugged durability.

PAS 23/24 – This rating is for home and dual rebate composite doors, as well as for their weatherability and security.


From the beginning sketches to the cleaning of the last pane of glass, the skilled and professional team at Sebastian Church Builders will be there. They will offer their advice and expertise at every single stage of the selection, planning, and construction or installation of your new doors, windows, or glass extensions. We will personally oversee the work performed by any contractors, making sure it is done properly and to your specifications.

Sebastian Church Builders takes great pride in providing the best products and services in the business. We guarantee all work will and will stand behind it. From installing new windows and doors, to planning and erecting any size sunroom, orangery, or conservatory, our team of experienced and professional construction specialists will make sure you are completely satisfied. Our workers are all fully licensed and accredited, as are all our products and inventory. For some samples of some our finished projects and huge selection, check out some photos on our website. Our windows, doors, and glass extensions are also like our service, second to none.

Service and quality have always been, and will continue to be at the core of Sebastian Church and their business practices. With lots of satisfied customers in the area, Sebastian Church Builders is ready to add you to the list.