Sebastian Church Builders New Homes

For new homes Sebastian Church builders are the perfect partner for property investors, self builders and property developers . Our team are expereinced to cope with multiple projects and maintian our high standards.

Here at Sebastian Church we are committed to us as a homeowner and making bespoke improvements that really improve and enhance living spaces both indoor and out; we have a customer-centred focus that we endeavour to stay true too in every job we undertake.

Our business is currently expanding and we have made the executive decision of focusing on some new and exciting areas; essentially, this will help take our business onward, whilst still offering an outstanding experience for the customer. One of our primary foci is building new homes. New homes are essential for the first -time buyer market and for those looking to upsize or downsize; therefore, it is important that they are built in relation to the current market’s needs.


New Build Homes

When we start building a new build property there are many factors to take into consideration. From the designing process to the finished product, we make sure all work undertaken is done so in a meticulous manner. The planning process is done by a range of skilled architects, who map out properties and provide specific blueprints that service our customers’ needs.

When we undertake the building process, we have many things in our mind about how the finished product will look. We want new build homes to have adequate disabled access, be spacious and be fitted with latest features and fittings, so that the clients will feel that they have made the right choice. Space is often an important issue for a range of people because it is a valuable commodity; therefore, we endeavour, in our new build homes, to maximize the amount of space in every single room.

We may do this be adding sophisticated features and fittings that have space-saving ideas or simply pack away neatly; we may offer advice of on how to furnish your property when you move in or we may speak to you beforehand about where you would like some of the key aspects within a room.

Essentially, if you eventually come to sell the property, you want to make sure it is a desirable home for potential buyers. By thinking the ‘little things’ beforehand, you may increase the value of your property in the long run.

The finished product should always have the ‘wow’ factor and our new build properties certainly do; the amount of workmanship that goes into every inch speaks for itself.


Why Choose Us ?

Thus, if you are looking for a new build property and unsure of which company to choose, then make an informed decision and choose us. We display exemplary customer service from the start of a project to the end and always keep customers informed of the process throughout. We service the areas of London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and are looking to expand further within the coming year. We encourage new clients to have a look at previously completed work on our website and observe the high-quality workmanship and craftsmanship that defines us as a company.

Awesome Service

I wanted to convert my entire rooftop into a mini garden. But I was not sure about how much will it cost. But then Sebastian Church proposed me an affordable plan for building a garden and completed the task in no time.