If you have a small kitchen that you are thinking of renovating consider the space, the light and the ambiance before you get bogged down with which modern appliances you need to get. For people who love cooking, who find the kitchen to be more than just a work area but a sanctuary replacing walls with glass will make the kitchen more contemporary. You can enjoy the exterior view as you go about your business. The glass gives the illusion that you have a bigger room. Glass extensions are considered to be statement designs. They become the space that homeowners cherish enough to want to show off.

There have been a lot of improvements in building techniques and new technologies used to make materials stronger and practical. Glass has graduated from being the stuff used to make windows and sunroofs, but entire houses have been built to last with glass. It has proven to be a strong, resilient and stylish.

Reinforced glass panes were mostly used for commercial projects, now they can be used in residential properties. You can get six by three meter panes used as building blocks connected with a tough silicon resin to create frameless walls with uninterrupted views of your garden and endless streaming light. You can also use wooden for aluminum frames

You would think glass extensions work well with modern houses but they have been seen to enhance old period buildings. There are a few things you need to be aware of before you buy:

  1. Even glass extensions require building permits to be approved.
  2. There might be limits on how much glass you can have in your house, it is better to consult the local planning department. For convenience sake, retain the services of a qualified architect
  3. Get the best glass for safety. The common kind is the reinforced gas-filled glass with a heat reflective coating. The reflective coating and the glazing will ensure that you don’t turn your kitchen into a hot box. You should look at getting air conditioning system to make spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable.
  4. Building with glass is expensive but it can be done at a lower price by using smaller panes and profiles that are low and super thin.
  5. If you cannot install frames for blinds than plan an alternative way to get ventilation. Invest in an air conditioning system.
  6. Glass walls without frames look great but the longer the panes the more you should expect to pay.
  7. Consider the energy efficiency aspect of using glass extensions. There are novel ways you can use glass walls to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Why extending your kitchen with glass is a great idea.

  • It increases the usable space in your kitchen
  • Bring your garden into the room.
  • It reduces the need to use electrical light but brings in more natural light to make the room more airy and bigger than it actually is.
  • It improves the value of your home
  • Do not attempt to knock down walls on your own and install glass sheets if you are more of a DIY kind of people enlist the help of an expert, that way you can avert disasters from happening.