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Sebastian Church Builders

Sebastian Church Builders is a friendly team of builders who specialise in a range of building services. No mater if you need general building, windows, doors, home extensions, a new conservatory, loft extension, new build, sunroom or even orangerie, the we can help you.

We offer the following service :


Knock through rooms

If you wish to have an open plan living space, or want to extend another room, such as the kitchen, then we offer a knock through rooms service. We ensure that the building structure is safe throughout the build and work efficiently to keep the area clean.


We provide a full roofing service. We only use the best materials that are long lasting and durable. We also offer a roof repair service, so if you need a few tiles replaced, or even half the roof, we ca do this for you. We offer individually priced quotes on all new roofs and roof repair jobs.


Tiling is an important aspect for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Tiles can also be placed onto floors in conservatories and hallways. No matter where you need surfaces tiling, we can help you. We offer our tiling service to all new builds, as well as for those individuals who simply want their home refurbished.


As buildings age, it may be necessary to do what we call ‘repointing’. This is when we need to replace bricks and masonry joints, as water can get into the building. This means that your home exterior is protected from all weather elements.


We employ a team of highly experienced and fully trained plasterers who can plaster any walls within your home, whether they be in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. We finish all plastering and plaster-board work to a high standard.


Our team of highly trained bricklayers can turn their hand to any build project. Whether this be a completely new build or rebuild, they have the knowledge and techniques to create beautiful walls for your home. Our team of bricklayers work with us on building orangeries, exterior walls, extensions and conservatories.


Porches are necessary when there is limited hallway space, or when a property opens up straight into a living area. Porches are also ideal when placed onto the side of a building for added access. We can build to an individual’s needs and requirements, and any shape or size of porch. We also help to blend it with the remaining structures.

Wall repairs

We are able to repair walls, both interior and exterior. We can repair walls to ensure that they are structurally sound as well as repairing any cracks in masonry walls.

Wood flooring

We are able to lay all types of wood flooring in your property. This includes strip, plank and parquet flooring. Popular choices of material include oak, pine and cedar, but the choice is ultimately yours, and we will advice on what we think is the best choice for your property.

To find out more about our full range of services and how we can help you, please get in touch via phone or the website.