Sebastian Church Builders – Entrance Doors 

First impressions are lasting ones. When people go inside your home for the first time, the initial thing they see is your front door. That’s why you want an entrance door  that will leave a great first impression. Entrance doors are probably the most important decision you will make when fixing up the external aesthetics of your house.

At Sebastian Church Builders we have the best selection of rear and front entrance doors in the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for a new door for a new house, or looking to replace your old ones, we can help you select the door that’s right for you and your home. We have a wide range of finishes and materials including composite, aluminum, timber, and uPVC doors, both contemporary and traditional. Our entrance doors are all low level maintenance, combined with high tech security features. They are robust, and can handle any amount of traffic going in and out of your home. Our entrance doors can take all the elements such as rain, wind, snow, and dust. They also come with a lot of really great features like:

Porches are the equivalent of a sunroom or conservatory . They come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and you can choose the exact porch to fit your budget and tastes.

Standard glazed reinforced profiles

Hinge protection allowing for all types of defense systems

Several top security locking features

Attack resistant barrels to keep intruders out


The entrance door  professionals at Sebastian Church Builders will offer their advice and expertise, to ensure you get the right door for your needs and wishes. They come in a huge selection of colours, styles, prices and materials. They provide the highest levels of security with deadbolts, or multi point hook bolt locking . Our entrance doors are built to last, and are guaranteed to take any punishment your visitors can dish out. They will also save you where it counts, in your wallet. The prices are reasonable and affordable, and will fit anyone’s budget.

At Sebastian Church Builders, our vast selection of entrance doors  will give your home a whole new look. Your home will have a higher level of security, and your family will be safe and warm. Durability and stylish looks will make a great first impression.