Sebastian Church Doors And Porches

In today’s world security is very important. Although we don’t want to live in a home that looks like a prison, we do want to keep ourselves and our families safe. Crime is a fact of life and is on the rise everywhere, so being safe and secure is a priority. The trick is getting doors and porches that are safe, yet don’t look like a piece of steel with bars. At Sebastian Church we have just the answer. Our high performance doors and porches look great, and are secure as well.


Our residential door systems have strength and style. They are all fitted to our wide range of stylish top performance doors, and provide security without giving up looks. Most PVC-U doors might appear to be solid, but they provide little to no security, especially the ones equipped with cam locks. Against a thief with a crowbar they don’t stand a chance. Most can be jimmied in less than 10 seconds. Buying a sturdy door is an important decision, one that should not be taken lightly.

Sebastian Church has a vast selection of styles, but French doors are the most popular for patios. They are available in all shapes and sizes, and come with beautiful woodgrain finishes. All our French patio doors come with handles on both doors, and have adjustable hinges, with top security locking devices. Cruciform doors are also big right now. They can be glazed with all kinds of elegant and decorative glass designs. We also have entrance doors to suit any any house. They all have excellent levels of security and great protection from outdoor elements. They also come with airtight seals to eliminate drafts, and require little to no maintenance.


Porches are the equivalent of a sunroom or conservatory. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and you can choose the exact porch to fit your budget and tastes.

Roof – Porch roofs can consist of timber and felt, pitched tile, or can be a conservatory roof. They can be glazed to achieve a unique and personal feel to suit your particular home.

Doors – Sebastian Church Builders has a huge variety of porch doors. Single doors are the most popular, but French doors are also selling well. Doors can also be fitted with moulded panels to give them a timber look.

Ventilation – Since you will be spending significant amounts of time in your porch, good ventilation and circulation of air is a must.

Glass – There are many types of glass available for your porch including but not limited to bevelled cut glass, safety glass, Pilkington ‘K’ glass, Pilkington Active glass, or Lifestyle glazed glass.

Base – The base can range from a small wall to a full height wall, on one or both sides of the porch. You may also go for a fully glazed design, which will allow the desired amount of light inside our porch.

Finishing Touches – A nice finishing touch can be added by floor tiles, inside plastered walls, and electrical outlets.

Safety First

Sebastian Porch will not sacrifice your safety for good looks. We feel our doors and porches can provide both qualities. Visit our showroom to see the wide selection of doors and porches, and plan exactly how you want yours to look.